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Unite people with a common goal

The company respects every employee, encourages employees to make personal career plans and work plans, and guides them to combine their personal goals with the goals of the company. In the prosperous development of the company, so that the staff's intelligence has been fully played, so that the staff's goals and ideals have been realized, personal ability has been constantly improved and sublimated. Give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of each employee, encourage them to be enterprising, pursue the common improvement of corporate value and personal value, realize the "win-win" of the enterprise and employees, and the employees and the enterprise grow together.

Attract people with superior treatment

Living and working in Keyto, the company provides superior staff accommodation, superior staff food, comfortable working environment and convenient transportation, shuttle bus pick-up. The company has established a sound social insurance and welfare security system, and also provides diversified and personalized welfare programs for employees.

People are selected by virtue and ability

The company is led by "morality", which requires employees to love the company, love their jobs and be willing to contribute their wisdom and intelligence to the company. On the other hand, the company to establish a regular and irregular assessment system to assess the work of employees, so as to "competent, suitable to stay, mediocre," to establish a love and dedication, excellent quality, strong elite team.

Encourage people with fair competition

Enterprise is the most valuable talent, people discover and reasonable use of the survival and development of the enterprise is of great significance, the use of the potential of human resources of the enterprise, the company to the enterprise culture as the center, with fair competition, equal treatment, by means of incentive mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of staff, to maximize individual potential to play, to carry out.

Train people to meet business needs

Training is one of the most important links to create a high-quality staff team. Insist on regular training of all staff to help staff constantly update their knowledge and improve their quality level. At the same time, according to the work needs of employees, timely training related knowledge and work tools, in order to improve work efficiency, to provide a platform for the future development of employees.

Keyto's principles of employment

Potential and Quality Keyto pays more attention to the potential and quality, teamwork and development of employees than the mere academic background. It is emphasized that an excellent employee should have the ability to cultivate and develop their plasticity and development potential.

Keyto's slogan of employment

No matter what position you are in, as long as you have real talent and knowledge, as long as you can exert your potential and intelligence, you may become a valuable talent of the company. Keyto provides a broad sky for talents to spread their wings. We sincerely welcome more people with insight to join us and create a better future together.