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The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and conducts regular and irregular internal audits and periodic management reviews.


KEYTO always takes product quality as the lifeline of the company. The number of quality control personnel accounts for more than 20% of the company's total number. The quality assurance is decomposed and implemented into product demand collection, design implementation, supply chain guarantee, production process control and after-sales service. Through multiple electronic data platforms such as PDM, ERP, MES, SVN, etc., the entire process data can be effectively entered and updated in real time to ensure product traceability during the entire life cycle.

The Quality Department has an independent reliability test center. According to relevant industry laws and regulations and customer special application requirements, multi-dimensional type aging tests on machinery, environment, life, performance, etc. are done all year round to ensure that products are safe and reliable to use under various environments and conditions.

Testing equipment guarantee:3D OGP、3D OGP, 2.5-dimensional projection, three coordinates, contour tester, cylindricity detector, salt spray test box, silent test room, constant temperature and humidity box, high temperature aging box, ROHS tester, laser diameter gauge, high-definition digital magnifying glass, etc.

High temperature aging box

2.5-dimensional optical comparator accuracy of 3.2um

Maximum magnification of electron microscope 160 times

3D OGP analyzer accuracy 0.5um

Coordinate measuring machine accuracy 2.5um

ROHS tester analyzer accuracy 5PPm

Cylindricity tester analyzer accuracy 0.03um

Laser diameter gauge

Product Certification

Keyto products have passed various certifications of relevant three-party laboratories. Currently, there are 23 CE certifications, 19 RoHs, and 6 Reach certifications. In the future product development process, corresponding product certifications will be implemented according to relevant needs.

R & D quality management

Research and develop a complete integrated development model of the system, and conduct corresponding review and verification of product plans and products at each stage.

Product development process stage division

Product development V model

Reliability Test

Complete product reliability testing system, and equipped with front-end testing hardware to ensure the reliability of products at all stages.



Quality personnel account for more than 20% of the company's personnel. They manage the company and product quality in all aspects including inspection, testing, verification, and process control.