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system solution

Development process

Success case

High precision light and oxgen proof filling system for reagent bag

1. High degree of automation

2. High material compatibility of the reagent bottle

3. Strong protection mechanism for sensitive reagents

4. High-precision filling: error ≤1%;

Sheath flow system development

1. Stable output pressure

2. The pressure at either end can be dynamically detected

3. Data visualization

4. Simple and humanized operation

Pre-preparation system for biochips

1.Intelligent constant temperature system to ensure the stability of biological enzymes

2.Automatically detect whether there is an abnormality in the measured object Automatic detection to avoid chip missing efficiently

3. Automatically detect whether there is an abnormality in the measured object, high suction accuracy

4. No risk of cross infection

5.high degree of automation, automatic pipetting , mixing , dilution, waste disposal

6. High traceability of the whole process

Multi-tip tip suction and discharge system solution

1. High degree of integration; with functions of puncturing, adding samples, shaking and automatically picking up or falling off tip

2. High degree of customization; multi-channel, multi-displacement, multi-spacing

3. High degree of safety; hydraulic and electrical isolation

4. Compact structure;

Technical ability

Keyto can provide systematic ODM fluid diagram solution, with fluid diagram, structure, electrical, firmware, software, algorithm and system development capabilities.

Core competitiveness, core concept

一、Personalized product customization development strategy for customers:

The company based on the characteristics of the industry, offer a product line  tailored development strategy to the needs of product customization.

二、IPD product development model guided by customer needs:

Guided by customer needs, we implements the IPD product development model. We adopt asynchronous and parallel methods in the entire product development process, greatly shortening the product development cycle; We implement DFMEA, VRK and technical review checks, greatly reducing products risk and guarantee the standardization of the development process.

三、One-stop service to meet personalized customization:

Keyto has basically achieved full coverage of full line products in the field of microfluidic field, and we have mature solutions in the microfluidic control field, which can meet customer needs in one stop.

四、Fast proofing speed:

After years of industry technology accumulation, now Keyto has a number of mature technology platform, based on which it can quickly achieve customer personalized customized proofing delivery;

五、Efficient detection:

Laser equipment



Engineering (Automation)


1. BOM query, batch maintenance and management;

2. Fault management and tracking;

3.Record, collect and analyze basic data (aftersale problem, optimization exploration, MRB verification);


1. Paperless process;

2. Distributed assistance;

3. Ensure document security and manage documents;


1. Optimize workshop manufacturing;

2. The real-time and authenticity of the data;

3. Information interaction to achieve full integration;