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The Machining Cente

The Machining Center was established in 2014 with more than 50 professional team members. It has more than 40 imported precision machining equipment and high-end Germany five axis machining center. It is committed to precision processing of non-metal and metal materials. We adhere to the concept of providing high-quality services for customers, pursuit excellent quality and look forward to serving you!

Special technical reserve

It can be applied to various types of process and production control. It allows you to trace the following information of the product: whether there are any omissions in the finished products, whether the key parameters of the product meet the standards, and the strict control of the manufacturing process, etc.

Traceability system

The task of the traceability system is to ensure the specified parts are installed on the specified product to achieve the required performance of the product and to minimize the risk of recalling the product, which is directly related to the manufacturing cost.

PC/MC operating model

(production control) The most important task of a production control system is first to control basic inventory and flow inventory, that is, to balance input and output. Then use precise control methods to reduce inventory. At the same time, some capacity planning and batch planning measures can also be considered.

Material Control (Material Control) is the supervision and management process of purchasing, receiving, issuing and using materials according to the material plan.

Confidentiality mechanism

Keyto has fully introduced ERP system management. ERP is an enterprise information management system mainly for the integrated management of material resources, capital resources and information resources for the manufacturing industry.

ERP is an enterprise management software with management accounting as its core that can provide cross-regional, cross-departmental, and even cross-company integration of real-time information. Integrated enterprise management software for material resource management (logistics), human resource management (people flow), financial resource management (financial flow), and information resource management (information flow).