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Sending services, promoting development∣ Urban leaders visit Kenyto to carry out the "leadershi

2021-09-09 Reading volume: 10201 times

On the morning of August 17, Gao Zimin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress and deputy director of the Party Group, led a group of comrades from the Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision, the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee and other relevant departments to SHENZHEN KEYTO FLUID CONTROL CO., LTD. Our chairman Zhang Cheng, Chengdu branch general manager Li Renpan, R & D center Xiao Xiyuan deputy general manager, financial center Zou Pan director, human resources administrative center Yang Xuchun a total of five people participated in this activity. The main purpose of this activity is to let the relevant functions of the urban area to understand the business situation of enterprises, listen to their demands, and effectively solve the problems faced by the development of enterprises.

Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Cheng, Director Gao and other urban leaders came to visit the company's exhibition hall. During the visit, Mr. Zhang introduced to Mr. Gao in detail the investment situation, product performance characteristics, market application fields, manufacturing system and other business development of Keyto's industrial park renovation, and highlighted to Mr. Gao the key components of Keyto's research project and the special contribution of key components in this epidemic, especially the proportional solenoid valve, integrated manifold, automatic high-end pipette In particular, the proportional solenoid valve, integrated manifold, automatic high-end pipetting components and other products played a vital role in gene sequencing, nucleic acid detection, ventilator production and so on. At the same time, Mr. Zhang also introduced to them the achievements of Keyto in the past eleven years, focusing on niche research, as well as a number of national and municipal medical device key components technology research projects.

Director Gao fully affirmed Keyto's ability to work hard and innovate independently in the specialized and new niche fields, and expressed his strong appreciation for the important role played by Keyto in this epidemic. At the same time, Director Gao also encouraged Keyto, as a national "small giant" enterprise, to continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, increase the investment in research and development of high-end components in key areas, and solve more foreign "neck" problems. We hope that Keyto can break the status quo of foreign monopoly of key components, continue to improve and dig deeper in key components and key processes, and conquer more technical barriers to import substitution products. Director Gao said that Keyto has been focusing on technological innovation for a long time, investing heavily and researching intensively, so that the key components are in our own hands, and the technology is really controllable, and plays an important role in the sudden new crown epidemic, so it has really become a national "small giant", a leading enterprise in the field of microfluidic control. It is a very difficult enterprise and a very admirable enterprise.

After visiting the exhibition hall, Director Gao led a discussion and exchange with the leaders of the urban departments, asking Zhang about the stability of core members after the new plant decoration and relocation, the introduction of technical personnel, the development of enterprise space, enterprise financing and loans, government funding to support the declaration of problems, staff family life support problems, etc. What are the problems that need the assistance of the government departments? After Mr. Zhang finished, Director Gao worked on site, discussed the solutions with everyone, clarified the responsible departments, formulated the implementation plan, and requested the relevant functional departments to effectively implement and close the feedback loop, and the leaders of the functional departments also responded to the relevant issues and demands one by one.

The whole activity is full of relaxed and happy atmosphere, Keyto people once again thank the government departments for their attention, and thank the government for creating a good business environment and policy support for enterprises! Keyto people will be obliged and full of confidence to promote the industrialization of high-end products, break the monopoly of imports, build national brands, and go deeper, farther and more solidly on the road of specialization and innovation!