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Small accessories achieved a big breakthrough, Keyto is on the front page of Shenzhen Business daily

2021-09-16 Reading volume: 5251 times

The original text is as follows:

In the hands of Zhang Cheng, chairman of Shenzhen Keyto Fluid Control Co., LTD., a fingernail-sized proportional solenoid valve looks unremarkable, but in its small body, but hidden a high precision valve can hover in any position, to accurately control the direction, flow, speed through the medium.

"In the field of in vitro diagnosis of domestic medical industry and water quality analysis of environmental protection industry, 80% of the customers have used our key components. The proportional solenoid valve developed by us has been replaced in the ventilator by domestic products, breaking the monopoly of European and American developed countries." Zhang Cheng said.

Up to now, 169 Shenzhen enterprises have been evaluated as Specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Among them, there are some enterprises that turn small accessories into high-tech products like Keyto Fluid. Valves that accurately control fluid flow, semiconductor light-emitting devices that mimic sunlight, and on-board electronic tags that act as a link hub in the field of intelligent transportation. Small accessories with real kung fu are becoming the "key man" in different fields.

① A valve is provided for precise fluid control

Keyto is a high-tech company focusing on precision fluid control components and subsystem solutions, is the hidden champion with a number of core technologies in the field of proportional solenoid valve, has been among the third batch of specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation "little giant" enterprises list. In early September, the reporter rushed to the exhibition hall of Keyto headquarter which located in Bao’an Fuhai street, saw the proportional solenoid valve, diaphragm pump, plunger pump, fluid control module, bonding parts and precision processing parts and many other small accessories with unique skills.

Proportional solenoid valve is the key component of the ventilator, and is also regarded as the "pearl" in the crown of the valve. In the process of treating patients with spontaneous dyspnea, doctors need to formulate different respiratory assistance schemes according to the patient's situation. The computer shows different current flow to the proportional solenoid valve according to the provisions of different capacity of gas release, to manipulate its opening size, so as to accurately control the flow rate of gas in and out and the proportion of oxygen.

On a bonded manifold similar in appearance to an integrated circuit board, the liquid paths for different reagents are zigzagging but not interlaced. The engineers of Keyto formed these complex and precise liquid paths by directly combining two homogeneous or heterogeneous materials with clean surface and smooth atomic level through surface cleaning and activation treatment under certain conditions, and synthesizing them through molecular diffusion bonds. In the "Fireeye" laboratory, which was designed and operated by BGI, Keyto's bonded manifolds were used in viral nucleic acid detection equipment, becoming a good helper in scientific and technological anti-epidemic efforts.

② Stick to high standards and bite the "tough bones"

“A miss is as good as mile”, this statement just highlights the core power of these structural pieces in detail. Although the surface is unremarkable, the individual price is not expensive, but behind it contains very high technical content.

"It is not a simple workpiece, there are a dozen or twenty parts through electromagnetic force, elastic force, precise transmission mechanism, together. Among them, the stroke of the upper and lower swing of the valve plate is only 0.4 mm, equivalent to the width of 6 hairs side by side. It has high requirements for motion control, reliable sealing, rubber manufacturing accuracy and pressure resistance of components."

Zhang Cheng said, for example, only the small spring opening and closing of the valve inside need to reach 10 million times of service life, in order to achieve this performance index, need to do 200 million times of high frequency evaluation, heat treatment.

In the development track of Keyto, it has always adhered to a high-standard main line, focusing on the core components of high-end instruments and equipment, instead of simple consumables, pipelines and other peripheral products.This adherence precisely accords with the specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation "little giant" characteristics. In the process of undertaking a number of national and Shenzhen major medical device science and technology research projects, Keyto has successfully solved many "bottleneck" problems in gene sequencing, respiratory anesthesia, single cell sorting, chemiluminescence and chromatography-mass spectrometry, etc.

③ High technology enables accessories to become hard currency

Grasp the innovative direction of market conduction keenly, and tackle the "tough bones" with technology. Powered by high technology, accessories have grown into hard currency in the market. Follow such innovation rules, shenzhen specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation enterprises emerge in endlessly.