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Training and Development System for Staff

In knowledge-based economy time, talent is the most important asset of an enterprise, and training is the most important investment in human resources. Therefore, timely, effective, continuous and planned training within the enterprise becomes a feasible,credible and effective way to maintain and enhance enterprise vitality. Only by strengthening staff training and knowledge updating can enterprises keep up with the development of new technology and the progress of The Times.

Keyto’s training system is based on employee’s demand survey and analysis, through education and training to improve employees' working ability, knowledge level and development potential, to maximize the personal quality of employees in line with the work requirements, so as to Improve job performance.

Orientation training

New Employee Orientation training

Keyto will regularly train new employees to know the company's environment, culture and so they can firm their career choice, understand and accept the company's rules and regulations and code of conduct, clarify their work objectives and job responsibilities,master the work procedures and work methods, and enter the role of the position as soon as possible.

New employee orientation training arranged by the Human Resources Department is generally held once a month. It conducted by internal training instructors in various forms such as focused lectures, discussions, skills training and visits.

Graduate orientation training

Keyto pay attention to college students,providing them with the whole process of attention and training from pre-employment, post-employmentand post-employment.

Carry out "relay to Work plan" before college students enter the workplace, providing students with a platform aan opportunity for exercise, learning and communication.

After entry, the HR Department will arrange 6-12 days of intensive training, through the "Reclamation + New strength" orientation of graduates, from company introduction, product knowledge and outdoor development, to help new employees quickly adapt to the new working environment, helping students quickly change from campus personnel to enterprise personnel role.

One-to-one tutor and various professional knowledge training will be arranged , so that students can quickly master the knowledge and skills of the position.

After centralized training, employing departments will arrange a pair of - tutors to help new employees familiar with the job content.

Career path

Onboarding Process

Graduate Onboarding Process

1.Welcome to the new employees

2.New employees introduce themselves

3.Distribute the "New Employee Induction Notice”


5.salary and benefits

6.Introduction to the department

7.Production system

8.Labor discipline during working hours

9.Safety production

10. Introduction to product knowledge

  • Send your CV

  • Attend campus sessions

  • The first interview

  • Final interview

  • Onboarding

  • Give offer letter

  • Final interview

  • Written/online test

Photos of training activities

In view of the weakness of the staff's potential for adaptation, innovation and implementation, combined with the company's Five-Year Development Plan and overall development strategy, we will vigorously promote the quality improvement of staff, highlight the training of highly skilled and technical personnel and professional and technical force reserves, create suitable human resources for the company, comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality and business potential of the company's staff,and promote the healthy and rapid growth of the enterprise.