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Compensation and benefits are the concern of every employee and one of the key factors to enhance employee satisfaction. Fairness and competitiveness are the two main principles to maintain employee satisfaction with compensation. Fairness can be accomplished through the company's organization, job system and evaluation system. The compensation strategy compares the company's pay with the actual market level to determine the corresponding range of pay to be paid. This necessitates external access to relevant information, including acquaintance inquiries, collection of candidate salary information, and informal research on individual positions, but this information is not complete and systematic.

Benefits are a reinforcement of the health care role of fixed compensation, which can serve to reduce or even eliminate employee dissatisfaction and improve employee identification with the company. This is because benefits reflect the long-term commitment of the company to its employees, who already consider them as part of their fixed income in their perception.

Excellent salary and benefits, a strong shield on your way to pursue your dream, to remove your worries.